Creative Dissertation Writing Ideas: The Secrets Of Straight-A Students

Writing a dissertation can be a very hard process especially in the event that you are not aware of what or how to go about it. However, this is not supposed to be a challenge today, taking into consideration the fact that there is so much that you can learn online. There are a lot of students out there who are looking for ideas that can help them write a creative dissertation, and if you are one of them, you are in the right place.

Tips from successful students

The following are useful tips that have been used in the past by so many students who have since gone on to write some successful dissertations, and score straight As in their papers. You will find them useful when writing yours, and they should act as a guide for you, not just when writing a creative dissertation, but for any other kind of dissertation that you will need to write in life.

The killer argument

As a rule of thumb, always make sure that you present your killer argument appropriately within the paper. There is a common mistake that a lot of students make, in the sense that they wait so long to present their strong statement.

It is recommended that you have your strongest statement, or the one that makes for a strong argument for your paper as early as possible, especially within the first paragraph. You should visualize your paper as a movie. If you hold on the key stars so long and present them later on in the movie, some of your viewers might not stay on long enough to see them.

Coherence and strength

While you are writing a creative dissertation, you have to understand that the paper needs to be coherent for it to portray a strong argument. These two are important to you especially when you want to have a paper that will be appealing to the reader. They go hand in hand, and as long as you have your points noted down and arranged accordingly, you will not need to worry about this.


When you are writing a creative dissertation, it is important to reference your borrowed work. However, you need to be as critical as necessary and not appear to be shying away from criticizing some writers because of their prowess or their famed status.

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