Creating A Dissertation: Common Writing Rules

Dissertations have been intimidating many students for centuries. The dissertation is a 200-350 page study that the student must complete in order to receive their doctorate. In the sciences, the book-length project often seeks to make a new observation that has never been proposed before. The student will then test the efficacy of their theory through all kinds of experiments, polls, and other data, as well as bringing in the theories of scholars, specialists, and researchers to prove their thesis as well.

The Doctoral Dissertation: Think of It Like This

The doctoral dissertation, although it sounds awfully daunting is a book length study, but it is broken up into many small parts which makes the writing come much easier.

Even each chapter can be broken up into page long parts with headers. Therefore, you can think of your dissertation as several parts of a much larger project. Also, you can set yourself smaller goals by breaking the dissertation up this way.

The Parts of a Dissertation

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