A List Of Outstanding Business Dissertation Topics For Students

One great thing about majoring in business is that there is never any shortage of ideas about what to write about. There are always some kinds of new and emergent theories based on helping someone to succeed in some aspect of business, be it management, leadership, accounting, business and finance, business and economics, marketing, business and social media—the possibilities are endless. And even if you feel like the topic you would like to write about might have been done to death already, there are ways you can re-customize old topics to make them shine—such as adding “in the new millennium” – such as :”leadership theory for the new millennium,” or “new developments in business leadership theory since 2010.”

How To Get Great Ideas for Dissertations

There are no truly original ideas—know this and move on. Some great ways to get fresh ideas on dissertations that have already been written is to visit your university or the university of your dream’s library stacks. They will have tons of dissertations on business topics that you can peruse and actually read if you want to. If you are an enrolled student at a university, you not only have access to business dissertations that have actually been printed and bound in leather, just visit your university librarian. This experience is a great way to see how other students strategized topics that were long and challenging enough for a book length study.

Here are some great ideas for business dissertations in all aspects of business.

  1. 1. How Social Media Is Still Revolutionizing Business Today
  2. 2. Social Media: Where are We going, Where Have We Been
  3. 3. New Theories in Social Media Marketing
  4. 4. Social Media and Where We Will Be By 2020
  5. 5. Leadership and Human Resource Management for the New Millennium
  6. 6. Leadership and Human Resources Development
  7. 7. Human Resources: Leadership Training Models for the New Millennium
  8. 8. Strategic Business Management: New Theories and Practices
  9. 9. Conflict Management Resolution: New Theories
  10. 10. New Approaches in Leadership for Conflict Managers
  11. 11. Web Programming and Business in the 21st Century
  12. 12. Human Resources Management and the 21st Century
  13. 13. The MBA—Is a PhD in Business Really Necessary Today
  14. 14. Business Professors Needed: A Study of Dissertations Granted to Graduating PhDs in Business
  15. 15. Business and Web Design Today: Where are We going, Where Have We Been

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