General Guidelines For Writing A Dissertation In The APA Style

Following APA style can be challenging if you are not sure of the basics. Because this formatting style is similar to others it is easy to understand how certain steps are confused. Your instructor may offer insight on how they want you to follow this formatting style. Refer to guidelines carefully and make sure you follow instructions carefully. Minor mistakes can lead to plagiarism claims, even if you didn’t copy content. Here are some guidelines to help you follow this formatting style with ease. You can check this website for more details.

Find a Sample Page Using APA Style for Study Purposes

There are a few sample pages suggested by college universities that offer clear insight on how to follow this format. When you use such pages be sure it is for the type of academic paper you are working on. There are sample APA papers for other forms of academic writing and you don’t want to confuse details. When considering tips on how to produce your paper it helps to have a visual aid to offer clarity.

Know How Headings Should Be Presented

Unless your guidelines for the project state otherwise it helps to use a good size font that is common and easy to read. For APA purposes the suggested font size is 12. When considering headings they may be created with three levels such as a title, subtitle and other additional information that should be included.

Know How to Capitalize Content throughout Your Dissertation

Watch capitalization of certain content throughout each page of your project such as names of tests and major words in titles and headings. Note you need no capital for hypotheses or theory names, but again if you are in doubt discuss the concern with your instructor.

Tips on Visual Content and How to Use Numbers

There are times when you need to use numbers provide additional insight on something. When you do this, APA guidelines suggest you spell out any number under 10 and write out a number if less than 10. If you need to mention a fraction it should be spelled out in words. If items such as charts, figures, and tables are included they should be labeled. Use decimal points when necessary and use consecutive numbers with no letters if you use a number system.

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