What Everybody Ought To Know About Social Work Dissertation Formatting

Social work is a highly specialized field within the field of psychology that many students find interesting and tremendously rewarding. Graduate work is highly demanding and often culminating in a final dissertation which marks the end of study and the final requirement before beginning one’s professional career. A dissertation in social work is a lot like the final work that is required in other fields, but there are a few differences that can be challenging for some. Here’s what everybody out to know about completing this project with the proper formatting:

Divided into specific components

A dissertation in social work has specific components that must be included in order for it to be accepted by your review board. This often means including an abstract, an introduction, research methodologies, findings, and a summary. There are other sections so it’s a good idea to use a department template to get you started.

Uses headers and sub-headers

As your dissertation page count increases you’re going to find that it’s hard to navigate through your work. This can be especially annoying if a reviewer or researcher only needs to read a certain part of your work and wants to save time without having to flip through dozens of pages. Use headers and sub-headers to divide up your work and be sure to point those sections out in a table of contents.

Follows the APA style guide for citation

Social work uses the APA style guide for citations. You may already be familiar with how to use this style accurately through the years of experience in taking courses in the field. However, there are always small details that are forgotten or used incorrectly from even the most seasoned academic writers in this discipline. Get yourself a good guide and refer to it constantly.

Get Expert Help from a Reputable Service

In addition to the above basics you want to make sure you work is precise with correct pagination, even and consistent margins, terminology, etc. This may seem like a lot to remember, so it’s a great idea to have someone with a lot of knowledge and experience in working with these kinds of assignments. Get assistance from this website for a low cost to be sure your dissertation is at its absolute best when you submit it to the graduate re view board. Not getting the extra help can be costly and make all your hard work in the prior months seem a waste.

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