Free Thesis & Dissertation Writing Help Online: 10 Good Ideas

  1. 1. Using trusted sites
  2. If you’re getting help when writing your dissertation, it is important that you only use trusted sites. Apart from the technological dangers of using untrusted sites, such as malware or viruses, you also face a possibility of using examples that are of poor quality and will be no help to you.

  3. 2. Avoiding the pitfalls associated with plagiarism
  4. If you choose to look at any previous papers, so as to help when writing your own work, then it is important you do not directly copy the content. If you do, then you face the risk of being found out for plagiarism. These days, universities, colleges and schools will have access to high-quality plagiarism detectors. If you have copied the work then there is a reasonable chance that you will get found out

  5. 3. Fact-checking any information
  6. To ensure the high quality of your work, it is important to fact check any information that you should find. Unless you know for certain that the information you find is true, unless you fact check it, you open yourself up to the possibility of writing incorrect content.

  7. 4. Using help from non-native speakers and what to look out for
  8. If you are using samples that have been written by other people, it is a good idea to try and only use work that has been written by native speakers. When you use work that has been written by non-native speakers, it is possible that they accidentally made mistakes as a result of not speaking English as their first language. Of course, there will be some people, whose English is good enough, but just double-check as you don’t want to be writing any facts that turn out to be incorrect, simply because they were mistranslated.

  9. 5. Having work professionally edited and proofread
  10. One of the great benefits of getting dissertation help online is that you can have work edited and proofread. There are many professional services offering to check work you, they can be very cost-effective in the long run.

  11. 6. Using free paper samples and examples
  12. If you are using free papers, then just be aware that it can be difficult to find examples that directly relate to the topic you wish to write about. Try adapting any search terms that you may use in order to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

  13. 7. Getting tips from forums and Q & A sites
  14. A great way of finding free help is to use forums and question and answer sites. However, the fact that anyone can answer your questions means that you may get answers from people that don’t know what they are talking about.

  15. 8. Looking for information on your university’s own website
  16. Many universities provide a wide range of free help. This help may be in the form of past papers to help you gain an appreciation of what is good or not. Alternatively, it may simply be style guides, to help you understand how to format the work properly.

  17. 9. Checking past papers on other sites and being aware of formatting differences
  18. If you are looking for formatting information, then checking past papers can be a useful way of doing things. Even if you are have some awareness of what the formatting requirements are, sometimes it is easier to fully appreciate them when looking at previously written work.

  19. 10. Using social media to find help
  20. Finally, in today’s modern world, social media can be a great way of finding free help for a wide range of requirements, including thesis and dissertation writing

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