Top 40 Good Thesis Topics For Psychology Students

The following is a list of topics that may be used by psychology students, as it is or developed further, for themes and scopes of dissertations, or thesis…

  1. Haptic communication: Non-verbal communication: Methods; Implications; Inferences.
  2. Intimacy: The interpersonal dynamics of romantic and platonic relations
  3. Projection: When we disassociate our problems
  4. Attention: Too much, too less, never good, it must be just right
  5. Behavior: A chronology of the perception of behavior
  6. Repression: It kills character, and murders a personality
  7. Suppression: How children do not manifest their fears
  8. Forgetting: The hidden link between repression and suppression
  9. Self restraint: An analysis of orangutans and their power to hold back
  10. Compassion: What drives it?
  11. Empathy: What drives it?
  12. Sympathy: What drives it?
  13. Dogmas: What binds us?
  14. Character: Effective ways to build character in young children
  15. Personality: The things that impede the complete development of personality
  16. Character and Personality: The fork that separates the two
  17. Sentimental regulation: Why we hold back our true feelings
  18. Relationships: The different types, and their implications
  19. Interpersonal Relationships: An analysis of the process of building a relationship at workplace
  20. Personality Disorders
  21. Pervasive Personality Disorder: PDD Revealed
  22. Histrionic Personality Disorder: Histrionics not just for theatre folk…
  23. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  24. Attention Deficit Disorder
  25. Psychopathy: The cognitive science side of the coin
  26. Sociopathic Behavior: Is it environmental?
  27. Psychopathy and Sociopaths Personality Types
  28. Schizophrenia: The mind and the world inside the mind of a schizophrenic patient
  29. Schizoid Personality: The effectiveness of electro shock therapy in the process of treating the illness
  30. Histrionic Personality Disorder: A chronological analysis of the famous femme fatales in the last century
  31. Borderline Personality Disorder
  32. Autism: An analysis of the term autism spectrum
  33. The Big Five Personality Traits: What makes An OCEAN od troubles engendered
  34. Serial Killers: A list of the most vicious serial killers known in the United States of America
  35. Learning: The process from the perspective of a three year old Chinese child.
  36. Knowledge Acquisition: How High Order Learning can revolutionize the process.
  37. Link of tradition and cultures in mental health
  38. Bridge between Anthropology and Psychology
  39. Neuro Linguistic Programming: A science or a pseudo science?
  40. Psychometric Testing Hypotheses: The evolution of stochastic methods for hypothesis testing

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