How to State the Objectives in a Dissertation Proposal: Writing Guidelines and Examples

There is nothing more important to a Ph.D. level candidate, or more frightening, than the writing of a dissertation. This is not just writing an essay with a few referenced resources. Writing a dissertation is a process that requires a lot of hard work, a time commitment that is unparalleled in academia, and a precise level of expectations that are generally not negotiable.

While the requirements for a Ph.D. paper may vary somewhat between different colleges and universities, the basics of the process are the same. The procedure begins with the writing of your proposal. Your proposal needs to include the objectives your paper will address.

Objectives of your research

The objectives of your research need to be included in your proposal. You need to include a clear statement of what you hope to achieve with your research and a prediction of your outcome. Most importantly, you must clearly identify exactly how you plan to obtain the achievements and outcomes you’ve just stated you plan to do. In other words, you have to clearly explain your objectives.

Tips for stating objectives

How do you go about stating the objectives of your research? What do dissertation proposal objectives actually look like? Here’s a few pointers on fine tuning the objectives for your proposal:

Examples of various objectives

Your dissertation proposal will include multiple objectives. A few examples of how objectives may be worded are:

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