Creating A Dissertation Abstract: Instructions For Dummies

The most difficult part of writing your dissertation is usually at the beginning. The topic, instructions and expected structure all seem strange. Once you are done with the abstract, everything else will become easy and begin to flow. Here are easy steps to follow and ensure that you complete it in the shortest time possible.

Identify what you will be dealing with

Having a clear idea of what you are writing about simplifies your work. It gives direction of where to search for information, the details to include and the actual scope of your work. You will know how much information to include and how to express these ideas.

Know the structure of your abstract

All academic disciplines do not adopt a similar writing structure. Consult your dissertation committee and supervisor on the specifics of abstracts in your area of study. This includes the details of each section and the specific instructions that your university requires of such kind of a paper. Having the best materials is not enough if it will be wrongly structured. Wrong structure will compromise your overall score.

Identify the right flow of ideas

The introduction always appears on top of your dissertation abstract. This is followed by a brief highlight of the aims and objectives and background of your research. The aim of such a flow is to provide coherence of ideas which makes the work compelling to read. It shows organization and knowledge of what is expected of you.


Your dissertation abstract will not take shape until you begin to write. Upon gathering all the information and materials required, compile it into a full paper. Do not be bothered about the first draft because you will have a chance to reorganize it during editing. However, pay attention to each section and the details that comprise the sections. Only written work can be available for editing.


Editing gives you a chance to include any materials that were left out, eliminate excess sections or sentences as well as reorganize the work. It is an opportunity to fine tune the work before it can be handed over. It creates a smooth flow that makes the work compelling and appealing to read.

Throughout the writing process, consult your dissertation committee. They are willing to assist besides having a responsibility by the virtue of being in the committee. They will provide samples or direct you to library entries and sites where you can get high quality templates.

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