How To Find Qualified Thesis Help: 10 Best Suggestions

Your thesis statement is often the most important sentence you will write in your paper. This is the overall basic idea of the assignment. Most papers are graded both on the idea itself and by how well the paper supports it. Here are some suggestions to help you get assistance if you are unsure about how to write it.

Thesis Creator Tool

You can use an online creator tool to help you build your idea. These are sometimes also called a generator or a builder and are found online. Generally you put in some of the elements of your paper into the tool and it suggests possible statements for you. Pick the best one, or use the suggestions to reword one yourself.


Tutors are often willing to help you write a paper for free. Since they have access to quite a few resources, they might be able to help you find help you didn't know about.


Many textbooks have a section on this type of assignment. Use the examples in it that best relate to the kind of paper you are planning to write.

College Websites

College websites often have free tools and resources for use by the general public. You usually just have to go to the website and find out if you need to create an account to log in. Look for help under English or writing.

Your School Website

Your own school will likely have more resources available because you will be able to log into the student section. Talk to your counselor to find out how to get into the student portal.

Writing Center

There are online writing centers staffed with tutors and professors that offer help. Some are free, others are paid services. There are multiple writing services available on them.

Professional Thesis Service

An online writing service is often a professional writing service that will take the information for your paper and write it for you for a fee.

Talk To Your Teacher

Your teacher will often meet with you to help point you in the right direction.

School Media Center

The school media center, or library, may have special reference material on writing this type of assignment. You can usually find one specific to your topic.

Ask A Friend

You could ask a friend who has taken the class before what kind of things the teacher is looking for. They might know more about what that teacher is looking at when grading.

Once you have your thesis statement, it will help keep your paper on track. You can always check back with it to make sure your paper lines up with what it says. Don't be afraid to look for professional help. These suggestions will help you get the assistance you need to be successful.

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