How To Write A Request Letter To The Dissertation Committee

A lot of people find it difficult to compose a letter to the dissertation committee. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the fact that your letter is addressed to more than one person. You cannot be sure who you are addressing, men or women. The age of the committee members is another point of difficulty when defining how to address them properly. The following ideas will help you compose a correct request letter:

  1. 1. Create a scheme for your letter.

  2. 2. Prepare a draft of your letter and show it to someone with whom you can discuss the content with.

  3. 3. Write the letter in an appropriate way. The co
  4. 4. Begin your letter with proper formal letter formatting.

  5. Put the date at the top, and then write your return address, name and address of the recipient, greeting, subject line, body of the letter, and a closing.

  6. 5. Describe the purpose of your letter in the first paragraph.
  7. Begin your request letter with a short introduction and reasons for which you are writing this letter. Even if you are already acquainted with some members of the committee, do not assume that they will describe the nature of your request to the others. Only write the facts and reasons you want to prove. Provide all the necessary information to the committee so it can make a decision and grant you a positive answer.

  8. 6. Be sure to use the right style for your letter.
  9. It does not matter what it is about. The style of the letter to the dissertation committee should be precise and professional.

  10. 7. Write short but informative lines.
  11. If you want your letter to impress the committee, it should not contain too many pages. If you have a lot of information to show, add it as an appendix to the letter. Do not use terms unless you are sure that you will be understood.

  12. 8. Write a brief summary of your points at the end of the letter.
  13. This step is not necessary. However, committee members may appreciate such a courtesy in case you have written about a difficult issue.

  14. 9. Provide your contact information.
  15. Write your personal telephone number and email.

  16. 10. Finish your letter with a formal closing.
  17. Thank the dissertation committee for its time. Type your name and title. Use software to check the letter for spelling and grammar mistakes.

  18. 11. Print the letter and sign your name above.
  19. Your signature should be written between the closing and your printed name.

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