The Top 25 Best Dissertation Topics In Educational Leadership

Your dissertation is like the cherry on top of your educational Sunday; except, it’s a really, really heavy cherry and it takes a very, very long time to grow! When it comes time for you to begin thinking about a topic for your dissertation in educational leadership, you’ll probably feel anxious: where to even begin? There are tons of pressing issues that need to be addressed in the classroom, and in the entire system. You should pick a subject that appeals to you in a profound way; after all, you will be spending a lot of time researching, thinking about, and writing about this topic, so you don’t want to get bored halfway through! Here are 25 great topics for a dissertation in educational leadership to help inspire you.

  1. 1. Can charter schools save the American education system?
  2. 2. Should we spend so much time preparing students for the SATs?
  3. 3. Which is more important to foster in a classroom: individuality or community?
  4. 4. Does regular standardized testing help or hurt students?
  5. 5. How can you encourage tolerance in the classroom?
  6. 6. How can we best accommodate transgender or transsexual students? Should we?
  7. 7. How can you get parents invested in their child’s educational success?
  8. 8. Is there a way to limit income inequality in the classroom?
  9. 9. How should politics be taught in the high school classroom?
  10. 10. How are different historical events taught in different regions (i.e., the Civil War, the Holocaust)
  11. 11. Are algebra and trigonometry dead subjects that should be removed from high school curriculums?
  12. 12. How to teach world religions in the classroom.
  13. 13. How has the internet changed the way students learn?
  14. 14. How can we foster self-esteem in young girls in the classroom?
  15. 15. Bullying: at what point should the teacher intervene, and to what extent?
  16. 16. Can good study habits outweigh raw intellect in standardized testing?
  17. 17. How can we best care for the emotionally disturbed student.
  18. 18. Teaching in the age of autism-spectrum disorder.
  19. 19. How far is too far in terms of faculty-student relationships?
  20. 20. How can we increase the chances of success among inner city students?
  21. 21. Does a good high school GPA lead to college success?
  22. 22. Compare the grading systems of European countries and American countries.
  23. 23. How can we best integrate ESL students into the classroom?
  24. 24. How can schools be more proactive about drug-free policies?
  25. 25. Is abstinence-only education an acceptable form of sexual education?

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