10 Interior Architecture Dissertation Ideas To Consider

Architeture is the practice of designing and constructing buildings. The study of architecture analyzes all of these design methods, details, and intricacies by studying them from aesthetic, historical, emprical, and many other viewpoints. This means, when completing your dissertation work, there are an immense amount of topics. Most likely in your work toward your PhD you have already identified a general area of study in architecture, as the field is quite vast. With this general area in mind, dive into all the possible options for you to research. Buildings and structures have been around for a very long time, so there are unequivocally many options. If you are stumped on what to cover, you can consider these ten interior architecture design ideas.

  1. 1. Multifamily Suburban Housing
  2. How would multifamily housing of the suburbs differ from that of urban living? How would is succeed? Share some of the unique features of this newer style of living.

  3. 2. Public Libraries
  4. What are features of modern public libraries, and those of older libraries? What has stayed the same? What is different? What is being done right and wrong? How can the architectures of libraries be improved?

  5. 3. English Churches
  6. Explore the signature features of the churches of England. Pick a particular era to explore, sharing everything about structures of this time—or maybe select a certain structural feature and create a timeline for its history and evolution.

  7. 4. Going Green
  8. How has going green changed the way we design and build? What are some cutting edge or undiscovered methods of green structure.

  9. 5. Gargoyles
  10. When did gargoyles begin to be used? Where do we see them? What do they mean? Share the history and evolution of this characteristic in building.

  11. 6. Active Living
  12. How can active living be incorporated into housing? What kind of active living homes and housing communities have we seen or will we see?

  13. 7. Architecture of Urban Living
  14. How does urban living differ from that of more rural and suburban buildings?

  15. 8. Architecture in Textiles
  16. Architecture is used in textile design, and textiles are used in building. How do these two have a symbioitic relationship?

  17. 9. Different Types of Libraries
  18. What kind of libraries have we seen over the years?

  19. 10. Tallest Buildings
  20. What are the world’s tallest buildings and what is the science behind them?

Some of these ideas may have you hooked, whereas others may not seem quite right. Using these as a jumping point to get your ideas flowing!

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